Open today: 10-17 Maxi: 06 - 23  Coop: 07 - 22 Lidl: 10 - 19

Information about the programme

Giraffe neighbourhood - the place to shop and meet. Add a dash of fun to your day at our shopping quarter and hang out with friends, grab some great food, relax over a coffee and find what you’re looking for. Everything you need under one roof, with generous opening hours and free parking. We're easy to find, just a stone's throw from the E22 (Giraffen exit) and cycling distance from Kalmar. If you want to take the bus you can choose from the 402, 404, 405, 421, 422 or use Närtrafiken.


Have you lost something or forgotten a bag somewhere in our neighbourhood? Then you should visit our pre-stores at ICA Maxi and Stora Coop where kind people hand in things they find that are missing owners. Our cleaning team also drops things off here.
You can reach them like this:

ICA Maxi pre-store phone: 0480-47 77 16 and 0480-47 77 66

Large Coop store phone: 010-745 09 42

Electric charging stations

In the car park, near Arken Zoo and on Verkstadsgatan 6 (at the bus stop), there are chargers for electric cars. This is operated by Kalmar Energy. Read more at:

Photo booth

Do you need a new photo for your driving licence? Use the photo booth at Giraffen. It's right outside ICA Maxi. Pay by card in the photo booth and your photos will be ready in just a few minutes. Operated by Speed Services - for any questions contact: 010-330 39 00, 0771-97 78 00 (evening),

Management information

Kvarteret Giraffen is owned by Alecta Tjänstepension Ömsesidigtwho provide financial security through your working life and beyond. Alecta has owned Kvarteret Giraffen for many years. Since the beginning of 2019, Giraffen has been undergoing a major renovation - stage 1 was successfully completed in October 2019 and Giraffen was transformed from a shopping centre into a quarter.
​ Kvarteret Giraffen currently includes just over 40 shops and restaurants/cafés Office spaces, gym and bowlinghall are also available in the complex..

Kvarteret Giraffen is developed and owned by Newsec, under Alecta's direction. The administration consists of the centre manager, centre leader and technical manager.
 Axcell Fastighetsförvaltning handles internal and external operations, including cleaning.


Kvarteret Giraffen takes hearts seriously! If anything should happen we have two defibrillators in indoor public spaces. These are outside ICA Maxi and Stora Coop. Staff in Giraffen's stores receive regular CPR training. These are located outside the ICA Maxi forecourt and outside Stadium/Danska Wienerbageriet. Staff in Giraffen stores receive continuous training in D-HLR.

Rent a space

Are you interested in renting premises with us, either retail or office space?

Call Centre Manager Martina Adolfsson Nyström at 076-634 20 31.


In compliance with the EU Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, we have a point of contact if people identify themselves in a picture and would like this picture to be removed from our website or social media channels. Please contact:

Camera safety

At Kvarteret Giraffen, we care about your safety, the safety of our employees and our environment. Therefore, there are surveillance cameras set up in the property. Camera films/images are deleted after 28 days unless there are good reasons to save them for longer, for example when they are part of a police investigation. If you have any comments or would like your data to be deleted, please email You can also contact the Data Protection Authority for comments.


If you have questions, queries or feedback regarding Kvarteret Giraffen please email You can also email individuals directly Centre manager/administrator.

Centre manager/administrator
Martina Adolfsson Nyström
076-634 20 31
Contact Martina regarding matters including store premises or hiring office space.

Centre leader/marketing
Maria Sampson
072-039 42 92
Contact Maria for questions regarding marketing and temporary rentals and events.

Technical manager
Jacob Elsrud
070-043 39 41
Contact Jacob regarding technical matters.

Postal address: Verkstadsgatan 6D, 392 39 Kalmar

Service dogs

No dogs are allowed in public spaces at Kvarteret Giraffen, apart from service dogs. It should be easy to identify a service dog. Individual stores may have different rules. Contact the specific store for their policy.


It is essential for us for all parking to be accessible and easy. We want you to enjoy your time with us and not feel rushed. You receive four hours free parking at Giraffen. We have around 1600 parking spaces with plenty of spaces with extra room for families. There are disabled zones by all the entrances.

WC/Baby Lounge

We have new WCs in two locations: by ICA Maxi and by the green entrance (Verkstadsgatan 8). See map here
Take care of your baby in peace and quiet at the Baby Lounge by the toilets by ICA Maxi).


At Kvarteret Giraffen we have free wifi for all our visitors. Simply connect to the network and agree to the terms and conditions for free wifi!