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Press release 2017

Jul 6, 2017 | Media

A popular shopping centre with 6.2 million visitors a year is about to become even more pleasant. With lessons learnt from the successful A6 shopping centre in Jönköping, work on the changes is now in full swing. Christofer Salmén, who is responsible for Alecta's directly owned retail properties, explains the future plans.
- We want to do something new, something better that takes Giraffen from an external trading place to a neighbourhood centre. With new players such as restaurants and shops, we will create an attractive meeting place.
- "The plans go beyond trade itself," Christoffer continues. "We have several surprises in mind for the future. Among other things, we want to expand the area with housing and make it easy for pedestrians and cyclists to get to and from Giraffen. From Alecta's side, we are prepared to help finance various infrastructure solutions.
- "We've been planning this for a long time and have ongoing discussions with the companies at Giraffen and Kalmar Municipality," says Christoffer. "When we have finished the discussions in the autumn, we will present the details.

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