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Tesla opens Supercharger station

Jul 5, 2023 | Media

Tesla opens Supercharger station in the Giraffe neighbourhood! 

Just in time for the intense travelling days during the summer, Tesla is opening a new Supercharger station in Kalmar in Kvarteret Giraffen. Being able to charge your car while running errands or just enjoying a moment is something that both Tesla and Kvarteret Giraffen see as a big win-win. The very fact that it is a Supercharger station gives all electric car owners a reliable and user-friendly fast charging with good capacity during long journeys. 

- "Tesla is a well-known and reputable brand and we are very happy that they are establishing themselves here with us in Kvarteret," says Centre Manager Martina Adolfsson Nyström. "I think both Tesla and we agree that this is a perfect match as Kvarteret is close to the busy E22 motorway, easily accessible in the city and with a wide range of shopping, food and experiences," concludes Martina Adolfsson Nyström.

-The station in Kalmar is open to all electric car owners as part of Tesla's pilot project to welcome all electric cars, says Maria Lantz at Tesla. The 20 chargers provide up to 250 kW and it is easy to charge and navigate via the navigation in Tesla cars or the mobile app. The station is strategically located at the commercial area Kvarteret Giraffen, where restaurants and shops are close by for the best customer experience, something we think is very important, concludes Maria Lantz.

Model 3 and the Model Y suv can charge up to 275 kilometres of range in fifteen minutes on a V3 Supercharger, and the average charging sequence is expected to last for about fifteen minutes.  Thanks to variable Time-of-Use pricing, customers are encouraged to use the capacity of the Supercharger network more efficiently during intensive travel days. By charging between 10 p.m. and 4 p.m. every day, customers get a lower price while reducing the load on the local energy grid. Tesla owners can see the charging rates at each station on their car's screen and on the Tesla mobile app. 

"We are a natural meeting place for both Kalmar residents and visitors from neighbouring municipalities, and we are now taking the next step towards becoming an obvious destination for long-distance visitors too. The neighbourhood is a strong shopping area and through this establishment we are strengthening the service offering even more. This is also an important part of our sustainability work, which is high on our agenda," concludes Centre Manager Martina Adolfsson Nyström. 


For more information, please contact:
Martina Nyström Adolfsson
Centre Manager, Giraffe Quarter
Tel. 0766-34 20 31

Maria Lantz
Tel. 073-867 68 98 

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