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Mar 25, 2020 | Media


Is it safe to visit Kvarteret Giraffen?
The shops and restaurants in the Giraffe Quarter are careful to follow the recommendations that exist, and are also resourceful with their own initiatives and creative solutions. We have increased the cleaning frequency and disinfect sk tag areas several times a day. We have installed six stations with hand sanitiser. We encourage people to stay at home if they are ill and/or at risk and ask a relative for help or use the online and home delivery options of shops and restaurants.

Are there any shops that are closed?
No, currently all shops are open, but opening hours may be adjusted. See current opening hours for each store.

How do you prevent staff from getting sick or spreading infections?
At Kvarteret Giraffen we care about employees in our shops and restaurants. All staff have been informed of clear guidelines and checklists to prevent the possible spread of infection. Internal information is available to everyone, for example in staff rooms and in our internal information app. Guidelines and procedures are constantly updated, following the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

How are you helping your shops and restaurants through the crisis?
We are doing everything we can for our stores in this difficult situation and are trying to come up with measures and proposals that are relevant to our tenants. We are complying with government decisions and the Public Health Agency of Sweden's guidelines, but we are also following the recommendations of the Swedish Property Federation. These include measures relating to opening hours and rent payments, for example, which we apply.

We also encourage all our customers to continue to support our traders by using the service that our various businesses have to offer in the form of home delivery, pick up points, collection service, take away etc. See the list of our stores that offer this.

Will the Giraffe neighbourhood close?
At present, there are no plans to close, unless there are new recommendations or guidelines from the Public Health Agency or the government.

Can you shop online at Kvarteret Giraffen
Several of our stores have their own online shops so we recommend that you visit their respective websites in the first instance.

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