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Playful brothers take over Lekia & Babya at Kvarteret Giraffen!

Nov 16, 2023 | Media

Since a few weeks back, Lekia/Babya at Kvarteret Giraffen has new owners. It is the three Lager brothers, Henrik, Marcus and Fredrik, who run it together. They are old hands as their parents started the Lekia store in Vetlanda 30 years ago. The brothers took over 18 years ago when they established the store in Jönköping. For a few years they have been doubly established there as they are now also at Asecs. Now they thought the time was right for Kalmar.

We spent our childhood summers on Öland, so Kalmar also feels a bit like home and we have seen that there is great potential in the city. We've been thinking about opening something here for a few years. When the opportunity arose, we neither could nor wanted to say no. The fact that it is also in the popular shopping centre Kvarteret Giraffen made the choice easy, says Henrik Lager, shop owner.

The brothers had 9 days from signing the contract to taking over, so the pace has been fast from the start and it hasn't slowed down. Right now they are filling the store with the latest and funniest toys / goods while rebuilding and refreshing the 770 m2 store. Fredrik says that they work a lot with customer care and service and mentions that they have a price guarantee against all Swedish online stores, free service agreements for pram buyers and that you can test the car seat before purchase, to mention some of all the benefits that Lekia/Babya offers.

"There will be big changes compared to how the store looked before. We are expanding the Baby range considerably and there will be many more car seats and prams to choose from," says Fredrik Lager. "Lego is a very popular toy so we will have a full range on it and the fact that we will offer the entire Lekia range really makes the store worth a visit. It is also being rebuilt in Lekia's new updated concept. A warm welcome to the store to both old and new customers greets Henrik Lager, store owner.

Lekia & Babya is a playful piece of the puzzle in our neighbourhood, and it's great that this driven trio of brothers has chosen to invest in us. They offer most things that families with children need or want in their everyday lives, and customers have been coming here for a long time. My warmest congratulations to the new owners," concludes Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager at Kvarteret Giraffen.

For more information, please contact: 

Martina Adolfsson Nyström
Head of Centre
Giraffe neighbourhood
Tel: 076-634 20 31

Mr Henrik Lager
Shop owners
Tel: 070-864 28 68


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