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The Giraffe neighbourhood - record day and visitor trend in the major!

Jan 11, 2024 | Media

The Giraffe neighbourhood - record day and visitor trend on the up!

- It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that in 2023 we set a visitor record at our shopping centre since the Kvarteret came into being. As we now sum up the year with just over 6 million visitors, we are approaching the goals and visions we have for the Quarter going forward," says a satisfied Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager at Kvarteret Giraffen. "We are increasing by 5.1 % and end up with an impressive figure of just over 6,300,000 visitors! And as a fun fact, I can tell you that on 22 December we broke the visitor record for a single day with 30,880 visitors!

The Giraffe Quarter is currently home to almost 50 shops, restaurants and cafés and the centre is almost fully let. In 2023, the last part of the major redevelopment that has been carried out in recent years was completed.

- We see ourselves as an obvious meeting place in Kalmar. We are often told that it is so cosy here and that is a very important factor in getting visitors to choose us. We have invested a lot in the interior and things are happening outside too," Martina continues enthusiastically, referring to the large exterior signage programme of which you can now see the first parts.

In the weeks before Christmas, digging and sweeping began outdoors when it was time to assemble and put up the new signage programme that had been developed. The style has been developed with a clear red thread to what has already been set so that you recognise it when you drive into the Quarter. The materials, colours and messages have been carefully selected and now harmonise from the outside in. The aim is to make it easier for visitors to find their way around when they are with us. Something that is really needed given the visitor trend.

- Sales are following the same positive trend. We are now waiting for the figures for December, but after talking to several stores, they seem very happy with sales. Inflation is high, as you know, so you have to take the figures with a pinch of salt. Consumers are shopping, but are more cost-conscious than usual," concludes Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager of Kvarteret Giraffen.


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