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Press release 2018

Jul 14, 2018 | Media

Giraffe steps into the future

Starting in the autumn, the Giraffen shopping centre in Kalmar will be rebuilt and given a new look, while Systembolaget expands by 300 square metres. Alecta has now taken the investment decision for a comprehensive change and modernisation of Giraffen.

Over the next few years, the Giraffen shopping centre will undergo a major redevelopment with the aim of creating a modern and inviting retail and meeting place that meets a changing retail climate and a growing Kalmar. The investment aims, among other things, to improve the internal and external environment by renewing Giraffen's entrances and building passages together and raising the quality. This is to create an open and welcoming atmosphere with a coherent shopping centre, which will enable new areas that provide space for good food and drink, exciting activities and a break for peace and quiet in
the everyday puzzle.

During the remodelling, some of today's tenants will leave Giraffen and new operators will gradually move in. Systembolaget is one of the tenants that has chosen to expand its operations and is expanding its premises in Giraffen by a further 300 square metres.
- "We are proud that our tenants believe in the development plans for Giraffen. During the redevelopment, we will do everything to ensure that customers recognise themselves but also get to know the new," says Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager.

Another of Giraffen's current tenants, ICA MAXI, is optimistic about the investment decision and future investments.
- Over the past three years, ICA MAXI has invested and rebuilt to exceed our customers' wishes and there is more to come. This autumn we are rebuilding the entire checkout line to make it easier for our customers and within the next year a huge investment will be made in sustainability and the environment. Developing our concept in all areas feels extra fun now that the property owners are going "all in"," says Patrik Wiberg, owner of ICA MAXI Giraffen.

The owner of Giraffen is the occupational pension manager Alecta, which has a long-term ambition to develop the property further in order to contribute to Kalmar's development.
- Giraffen fits well into Alecta's property portfolio and will lead the way as the sustainable retail and meeting place of the future; a place accessible to all, with an environmentally friendly and local profile. We see exciting opportunities to develop the property further, as a good property benefits our customers and owners in the long run," says Christofer Salmén, head of Alecta's directly owned retail properties.

For further information please contact:
Martina Adolfsson Nyström
Centre Manager Giraffen Shopping Centre Responsible
076-634 20 31

Mr Christofer Salmén
Alecta's directly owned commercial properties
072-855 93 40

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