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The Giraffe neighbourhood at the top for the second year in a row!

Oct 13, 2022 | Media

Last year, Kvarteret Giraffen in Kalmar won Fastighetsbarometern's NKI survey - Fastighetsbarometern Butik with a Satisfied Customer Index (NCI) And now they have done it again! Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager at Kvarteret Giraffen, has this to say about winning for the second year in a row.

- It's absolutely fantastic! Of course, I was hoping to win again this year and with the open dialogue we have with our tenants, I felt that we might have a chance to win this honourable award again this year. I am so incredibly proud of the result and would of course like to extend a big thank you to all our good tenants, our awesome centre management and all the other stars who have been and are highly involved in us winning again.

Kvarteret Giraffen currently has more than 40 shops, restaurants and cafés and the centre is almost fully let. The journey of change from traditional shopping centre to a vibrant neighbourhood and natural meeting place in Kalmar continues and at the beginning of next year we will begin the next exciting step in the development with the start of phase 3 of the property.

- We are extremely grateful for our tenants' good ratings, where we stand out in particular in the areas of centre management commitment, premises and marketing. It's great to see that our activities in these areas are recognised and appreciated by our tenants. I believe that the reason we are at the top again this year is that we have a very familiar atmosphere between the centre's management and tenants, as well as between tenants. We work hard to ensure that each tenant can operate in the optimal location for them and their business and to be visible in the right marketing channel in each campaign.

- We at the centre management always focus on being accessible and close to our tenants and most often we meet the tenants spontaneously in the shopping street. Everyone enjoys living here and we intend to continue to make sure that everyone does, concludes a proudly smiling centre manager.

- "Receiving this award a second time is a fantastic acknowledgement that we have world-class centre management and administration, and it means a great deal to us as property owners. Having satisfied tenants means that we can continue our development journey together with confidence and great ambitions. Shops that thrive give that little extra to customers and give us a vibrant and popular shopping centre," concludes Anders Pettersson, Business Area Manager Retail, at Alecta Fastigheter, which owns the Giraffe Quarter.

Fastighetsbarometern's Satisfied Shops Index is an annual evaluation of Swedish shop tenants' perceptions of their shopping centre and their landlord and is carried out by CFI Group, Fastighetsägarna Sverige. This year it is clear that Sweden's most satisfied tenants are in the Giraffen neighbourhood in Kalmar. With an NKI of 85, Kvarteret is well above the industry average.

For more information, please contact: 

Martina Adolfsson Nyström
Head of Centre
Giraffe neighbourhood
Tel: 076-634 20 31

Mr Anders Pettersson
Alecta Real Estate
Tel: 070-203 67 79

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