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Stadsmissionens Second Hand opens shop in the Giraffe neighbourhood

Apr 28, 2022 | Media

 Press release 2022-04-26 

Kvarteret Giraffen and Kalmar Stadsmission have been working closely together since 2015. Now the relationship is deepening even further, as the City Mission's Second Hand is moving into the neighbourhood. At the end of May, a brand new store will open where circular consumption and social commitment go hand in hand. 

"We are very proud of our co-operation with Kalmar Stadsmission. Therefore, we are very happy to now welcome them to us in the neighbourhood. We see it as a natural step in our relationship. It is completely in line with our work on social sustainability and creating a place where all people thrive. The collaboration means that we can work even more long-term together to make a difference in everyday life," says Martina Adolfsson Nyström, Centre Manager at Kvarteret Giraffen. 

Stadsmissionen Second Hand will be located between Indiska and Bastard Burger. The store is 200 square metres in size and the range in the store will be second-hand clothing and accessories as well as self-made crafts. Initially, the store will be open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10-19 and Saturday at 10-17. 

The business concept for Stadsmissionen Second Hand is retro and reuse, but also labour integration. Reusing is not only good for the environment, the concept also contributes to Stadsmissionen's work with people living in economic vulnerability. 

-"This shop will develop and strengthen all different parts of our activities in Kalmar. We are so grateful that we have been given this opportunity together with Kvarteret Giraffen, says Jens Bergzén, Marketing and Fundraising Manager at Kalmar Stadsmission. 

For more information, please contact: 

Martina Adolfsson Nyström
Head of Centre
Giraffe neighbourhood
Tel: 076-634 20 31

Jens Bergzén
Marketing and fundraising manager
Kalmar City Mission
Tel: 072-202 25 59

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